re:Focus Podcast

Equal parts irreverent and classy, the RE:Focus podcast brings you up to speed on what’s important to the Memphis LGBT+ community and its allies. Hosts Goldie Dee and Allysun Wunderland lead listeners on a whirlwind ride through each exhilarating episode. This podcast is a production of Focus Mid-South magazine.
re:Focus Podcast
Allysun Wunderland & Goldie Dee ReFocus Podcast

The girls discuss the “sordid topic of politics” and 2020 election anxieties along with Halloween (Gay X-mas) and queer astrology. VOTE BIDEN TOMORROW!

Allysun Wunderland & Goldie Dee ReFocus Podcast

We’re back with our first episode since the pandemic! Hang out with the girls while we drink tequila, eat WAP (wet ass pizza), dish about our personal lives, and catch up after a 6 month hiatus! 


The SAUNA episode! The girls sit down and have an amazing conversation with Matt Ladner, DJ and co-creator of an unapologetically queer dance party in Memphis. Where is real queer music? Are gay spaces at risk? How do we stay connected to our history in the age of dating apps and corporate prides? Also, the underlying anxiety that all of our mothers will listen to the podcast continues.


Goldie Dee gets Tinder for the first time…on air! Allysun dishes out some old school dating advice. The girls get real and discuss hard questions: How does drag complicate dating? Would you ever put away your drag for someone else? 


A politician unapologetically sits down with two drag queens! Allysun and Goldie interview local lawyer and mother Jerri Green, the Democratic candidate running to represent District 83 in the Tennessee State House. The girls tackle hard-hitting topics like gun violence, discriminatory bills, voting practices, and gender bias in politics–but as always they manage to squeeze in a little fun too! 

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The girls get together to discuss their 2020 resolutions with Tamara Goldstein, owner of Zebra Lounge and beloved LGBT+ ally. Topics include: the merits of dry January, a poached egg crime, the new Tennessee sin tax, and so much more! Goldie also admits she had the best kiss of her life on New Year’s Eve xx