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Season 1
Join Mothie on their journey to become more creative, more curious, and more connected to their community and to the rest of the world. A diverse podcast focused on blue sky thinking, niche subject matter, and out of this world conversations.

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Musing with Mothie Podcast



Join Mothie and their new friend Triscilla Johnson from Farren Family Counseling. Triscilla is here to dive into the brains of our community and beyond! Gabbing about health, education, and anime this episode is sure to have something you can use!

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Video games, sexual health, and chatting up cute monsters on the phone! Join Mothie and Katie for a real power hour where they discuss Janet Jackson as the progenitor of some of the sounds in Persona. Hear them chat through a pokemon battle. Learn about sexual health and ways to be a good steward of your body! All on the Musing with Mothie Podcast this month!

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Guest Info: Bella Duballe is an actor and drag artist from Memphis TN. Known for being a former Miss Gay TN, The host of popular drag program The War of The Roses at The Atomic Rose, and for once being voted one of the sexiest women in Memphis!!! She is big sister to all and second to none. Did somebody order a giant woman?

Bella and Mothie sit down for a truly in depth and insightful conversation about their lives as entertainers in TN and how this place filled with beautiful souls has changed their lives. Two awesome personalities and longtime show directors give a peak behind the curtains of their imaginations while also keeping it real!!!!

This episode of Musing with Mothie was brought to you in part by our partnership with Planned Parenthood TN and their program! Thank you to our other friends at Ounce of Hope for helping sponsor this extra brillant episode!!!

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A spacey and brilliant set down with Painter Ahmad George to talk about Memphis, Art, Life, and the Universe! A dive into their process and current projects from residencies to the expanding body work work known as Free 99!

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In this episode Mothie explores what it is like to be a queer writer in the south with Chellie Bowman and then dives into the nonprofit deep end with Leila Hinkle to talk about how a nonprofit can grow and support new dreams in the lgbtqia community in the Midsouth! Learn more about the Prism Pages, The Focus Center Foundation, and about citrus fruit!!!

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Meet your host for Musing with Mothie, Moth Moth Moth! This genderqueer drag artist and writer is always getting herself into crazy shenanigans while working to have more fun and build a sense of community that spans the galaxies! Join us on a journey to become more curious, creative, and connected!

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