Read the true life stories of our LGBT+ advocates, youth, seniors, allies, and trans community in Middle Tennessee.

Greg Cason Landry Boyle
Laura Valentine

A Couple’s Love

“It’s one thing to be tolerated, but another to be celebrated,” shares Greg Cason, as he and husband Landry Boyle share the challenges they face as an outspoken, black, gay couple in Middle Tennessee.

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Husband duo Creates Products That Heal Body & Soul

Half Hill Farm was the first certified organic grower of industrial hemp in Tennessee. They joined the state’s first pilot program intending to make high-quality Cannabidiol (CBD), but the state was more focused at the time on seed and fiber uses and would not allow them to grow varieties they wanted.

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Joey Amato

Veronika Electronika: Using Drag to Make a Difference

Veronika Electronika was born Steven Raimo in the early ’80s (a lady never reveals her true age) in Staten Island, New York to a family of working-class parents. Living only about 100 yards from the Atlantic Ocean, the family loved fishing on the beach and on their boat.

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Ryan Rattliff

Dwayne Jenkins: Building a Stronger Community

New York native Dwayne Jenkins knows the value of community and safe spaces. Growing up, life in the Bronx was colorful. Early exposure to various ethnicities, cultures, and personalities taught him that being different was a good thing.

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Mathu K. Potts
Leah Wright

Be the Good in the World

Mathu K. Potts is one of those Nashville fixtures who, even if you don’t know his name, you’ve probably seen around. His stainless steel colored locks have been a fixture behind the bars at various LGBT+ friendly venues for several years.

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Selena Haynes

Dollar General Scores Big

Each year, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRC) publishes the Corporate Equality Index (CEI), which rates workplaces on their LGBT+ equality policies and practices.

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Sheldon Diggs
Laura Valentine

Souls United: Connecting People to Hope

A female volunteer stands no taller than the huge pot of beans perched atop a commercial stove, but she stirs with conviction and delight. And she’s not alone in this bright kitchen, humming and swirling like bees on a hive, turning nectar into honey.

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