The High Priestess of Flowers With Bella DuBalle

Guest Info: Bella Duballe is an actor and drag artist from Memphis TN. Known for being a former Miss Gay TN, The host of popular drag program The War of The Roses at The Atomic Rose, and for once being voted one of the sexiest women in Memphis!!! She is big sister to all and second to none. Did somebody order a giant woman?

Bella and Mothie sit down for a truly in depth and insightful conversation about their lives as entertainers in TN and how this place filled with beautiful souls has changed their lives. Two awesome personalities and longtime show directors give a peak behind the curtains of their imaginations while also keeping it real!!!!

This episode of Musing with Mothie was brought to you in part by our partnership with Planned Parenthood TN and their program! Thank you to our other friends at Ounce of Hope for helping sponsor this extra brillant episode!!!