by Ray Rico

As someone who goes between being an introvert and an extrovert, I have found that it sometimes takes clear focus to stay engaged in the work I’m doing. I came up with a few tips that work for me and thought I’d share them in hopes that they could help inspire you, motivate you, or just get you unstuck.

1. Do nothing. This is exactly what it sounds like. Take a moment to seclude yourself and break any distractions for your mind or space. Close your eyes and simply be. Take 2 minutes and literally do nothing. In cases where I find myself overwhelmed this simple practice helps me to get back on track. It is proven to allow your mind and body both a moment to relax. Focus on your breathing and do nothing.

2. Do something. There is great pride in accomplishing something but many times we get so caught up in finishing larger projects or bigger tasks that we oftentimes forget to celebrate the daily and sometimes hourly accomplishments. When you set yourself a goal to do something and make it achievable, your mind can begin to allow yourself good feelings. Be fair for what you can do and go do something.

3. Get out. Get up. Get outside. Get out of your room. Get out of the office. Get out. A good change of scenery can provide you a break and allow your thoughts to consider different perspectives of what might be stumping you. If you’re stuck, get out of your comfort zone and step out.

4. Refuel. Good coffee, a tasty snack, and edible delights are good ways to encourage a good working space. Making sure your body is fueled will help fuel your thoughts. Nobody likes working hungry; refuel.

5. Awaken your senses. Light a candle. Stretch. Do a dance. Sing along to Alexa, (I know you do anyway). Do something that engages your other senses. Typically when we are working or creating something or working on a project we don’t fully engage all of our senses. This helps me to remember to breathe, listen more carefully, feel the moment, see beyond the work, and taste the fruits of my labor.

6. Pause. Take a moment for a break. When I have big projects to work on, I take them in bite sizes. Making sure to always take a 5-minute break. It allows me time to see what I’ve done. Review my direction. Ensure my process. And look ahead to what I have yet to complete. It is also a good time to do one of the above tips like dance or step outside.

7. Proceed. My last tip is to proceed. No project is perfect and things come up. If you find yourself stuck or understanding that things might not turn out the way you thought, acknowledge it and find a way to proceed. If you consider nothing is a failure, only an opportunity to learn something you always succeed. Don’t linger though. Process and proceed.