Astrology Readings: January/February Horoscopes

Psychic intuitive, Minnassa, shares her horoscope and astrology readings to jump start your 2024.

Happy New Year! This year, it’s time to tap into the creativity of your inner Aquarius. Don’t join a gym to lose weight (again). Follow your crazy Aquarius self and take a pole, burlesque, or ecstatic dance class. Don’t go on a diet (again).

Allow your Aquarius side to lead you to the international aisle and/or the international market and give your palate some new and exotic meals. 2024 is an 8 year which corresponds to the Strength tarot card. Allow your inner strength to guide you into new and creative ways to be, move, and groove this year.

The Zodiac Signs for January and February

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Drawn image of Capricorn zodiac sign

Element – Earth 
Quality – Cardinal 
Ruling Planet – Saturn
Traits: ambitious, practical, persistent, sensitive #overachievers 
New Moon in Capricorn – January 11, 2024

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Drawn black and white image of Aquarius from zodiac signs

Element – Air 
Quality – Fixed 
Ruling Planet – Uranus
Traits: progressive, independent, intelligent, and idealistic #crazyaquarius 
New Moon in Aquarius –   February 09, 2024

Astrology for all signs

ARIES (Fire-Cardinal)

You are usually a go-getter. However, use these opening months of 2024 to set your long term vision—5/10/15 year plan. Dream Big!

TAURUS (Earth-Fixed)

Get your mind on your money and your money on your mind. Use these early months of the year to get focused on your money, wealth, and prosperity.

GEMINI (Air-Mutable)

This year, drop living up to others’ expectations. Let it go. This is the year you stop running yourself into the ground. Self care is your mode for the beginning of 2024!

CANCER (Water-Cardinal)

Level up your connection to your emotions. Your feelings are your superpowers! Step in the flow of your feelings and allow them to guide you outside of your comfort zone.

LEO (Fire-Fixed)

Stop doing too much. Put down your burdens! Spend these first two months of the year connecting to your inner fire–burn away what no longer serves you and move forward with verve!

VIRGO (Earth-Mutable)

Time to level up financially. Get out of your head and into the game of life. Take the horse by the reins and move forward. You don’t have to know the full path to begin moving forward.

LIBRA (Air-Cardinal)

You have the power to stop working against your best interest. It’s simple dear Libra; a change of perspective and direction will set you on the right path. 

SCORPIO (Water-Fixed)

You still have options. Change your focus from what did not work, and look for those places and spaces where things went well; move forward from this space.

SAGITTARIUS (Fire-Mutable)

Stand your ground. You are on the right path. Don’t allow challenges, changes, and other people’s opinions to throw you off your path.

CAPRICORN (Earth-Cardinal)

During your season, position yourself to increase your abundance. It may mean moving away, or changing jobs. Make your next move with confidence.

AQUARIUS (Air-Fixed)

Step out of the cage you have put yourself in. Give yourself the birthday gift of freedom. Now is the time to drop the pretense and set yourself free!

PISCES (Water-Mutable)

It’s ok to remember the past fondly, just don’t get stuck there. Stand in this present moment, and smell the roses. The path is clear and bright. Move forward!

All photos and graphics provided courtesy of Minnassa and Focus Magazine.