Astrology Readings: July/August Horoscopes

Psychic intuitive, Minnassa, shares her astrology readings to keep the ball in your court this July and August

First, here are two LGBTQ+ Trailblazing Athletes to know:

Dr. Rene Richards: August 19 – Leo – Bold & Ambitious
Billie Jean King: November 22 – Sagittarius – Highly ambitious & flirtatious

Now, for July and August horoscopes and astrology readings!

April Sign of the Month – Cancer

July/August horoscopes and astrology – Cancer

Element – Water
Quality – Cardinal
Ruling Planet – Moon

Traits: creative, intuitive, sensitive, homebodies, and clingy
New Moon in Cancer –  July 05, 2024

June Sign of the Month – Leo

July/August horoscopes and astrology – Leo

Element – Fire
Quality – Fixed
Ruling Planet – Sun

Traits: social, whimsical, wise, curious, and indecisive

Traits: leader, bold, ambitious, competitive, and egotistic
New Moon in Gemini –   August 04, 2024

Astrology for all signs

Aries (Fire-Cardinal)
Energy is moving. Step into the flow of the fire within: your passions, your creativity, and your power! 

Taurus (Earth-Fixed)
Time to collaborate; this is not the time to be the “lone wolf.” Make time to connect with those who see you, embrace you, and celebrate you!

Gemini (Air-Mutable)
Think about it. Now think bigger & outside of the box. The time for playing small is over!

Cancer (Water-Cardinal)
During your season dear Cancer, link arms with those who can move and groove with you psychically, emotionally, and creatively. Reach for the stars!

Leo (Fire-Fixed)
This is your season to rest—yes rest. Even someone as marvelous and powerful as you needs some down time!

Virgo (Earth-Mutable)
To get to the happy ending/family/life you want, the message remains the same; balance dear Virgo. Move with intention and verve!

Libra (Air-Cardinal)
Get out of your head; get everyone else out of your head. Time to meditate, do yoga or tai chi. Chill, sweet Libra! 

Scorpio (Water-Fixed)
Look up and connect. Grab your squad and get out of your comfort zone; boldly step into new places and take up space!

Sagittarius (Fire-Mutable)
Time to put on your crown and move with power. Know your value and live, move, and have your being from that space!

Capricorn (Earth-Cardinal)
Yes you can have it all! Time to upgrade!

Aquarius (Air-Fixed)
Explore the crevices and spaces of your mind dear Aquarius. What you are seeking to create is within!Pisces (Water-Mutable)
Bring that dream into reality. You don’t have to do it all by yourself. Connect with the lovely souls in your circle who dream, flow, and create like you do!

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