Business and Finance Podcasts with a Queer Focus

According to’s research, as of October 2022, there are more than 2,000,000 podcasts and over 48 million episodes. As someone in business, what might this mean to you? Well, you may want to step into the world of podcasting to build your brand for one, but how about a little inspirational listening from queer entrepreneurs and business qwners? Whether you are an established business owner or an entrepreneur with a start-up, hearing the stories and journeys of others is a source of inspiration and encouragement. Sometimes it seems queer business owners are in the shadows. These podcasts are a great example of who is really out there!


“Highlighting the stories, businesses, and careers of LGBTQ+ professionals and entrepreneurs. With a little rainbow inspiration, we can be successful and our true selves!”

This show has interviews with queer entrepreneurs that you can also watch on YouTube. The hosts, Shen & Shan, have backgrounds in financial literacy, real estate, education, and community outreach all with a heavy focus on families. Reading their About page is a MUST!

Episodes include interviews with self published authors, dancehall owners, chefs, commercial cleaners, musicians, educators, medical professionals, filmmakers, nail technicians, apothecary owners and so many more. Topics like brand building, community building, business strategy, marketing, sales, and insurance are covered.


“The Out Entrepreneur is a weekly Podcast where Rhodes Perry connects with today’s most authentic LGBTQ entrepreneurs. The show was created for you, the LGBTQ entrepreneur, business owner, or start-up founder. It was also designed to inspire more people to consider the entrepreneurial journey.”

This podcast has 203 episodes that feature topics such as: knowing if running a family business is what you want to do, empowering marginalized communities, business law, and how to do radio. Rhodes Perry hosts professionals in the fields of self development and business building as well. A little something for everyone.


“Queer Money is dedicated to the intersection of personal finance and being LGBTQ. Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender or Queer, we all have money needs. Let’s build a financially strong LGBTQ community.”

David Auten and John Schneider (aka The Debt Free Guys) host this show. I include it here because personal finance is an important part of being a solid business owner. Topics covered include retirement savings, financial self-advocacy, trade work versus college degrees, same- sex social security challenges, finding your purpose, and investing. This podcast boasts 341 episodes so far!


You may recognize Tim Bennett and John Nash as the duo behind Subaru’s 15-year advertising of the perfect vehicle for the LGBTQ consumer. It is a weekly program with interviews, guest appearances, and current happenings around the world from a queer perspective. 591 episodes and counting means you are sure to find something of interest!

I encourage you to check these out and find a drive-time or a work-time to listen, because you never know what random piece of information is just what you needed to hear to solve that big problem or spark a new project. Also, the more you hear about the success and failures of other businesses the better you can shape your own.