Come Celebrate at Trans Fest 2023

Here’s everything you need to know about the first annual Trans Fest in Memphis

Trans Fest 2023 is today! And it’s not just an event—it’s a pivotal moment for trans, nonbinary and gender non-conforming people in Memphis, TN. 

As a fest designed to bring people together, the first annual Trans Fest, which will be at Black Lodge this year, serves as a safe space for fun and community building for queer and trans locals as well as a hub for gender-affirming resources in the Midsouth. Just in time for Transgender Awareness Week.

Trans Fest 2023 poster
Trans Fest 2023 poster, courtesy of JennaOnFire Productions

The evolution of Trans Fest from resource fair to annual celebration

Trans Fest, created by JennaOnFire Productions, emerged from a simple idea: to link the trans community with essential resources. Initially conceived as a basic resource event, its evolution was fueled by the desire for a joyous and safe place to celebrate during Trans Awareness week. Inspired by the success of Mid-South Pride, Trans Fest is now an annual celebration and the precursor to the ambitious Mid-South Trans Nation project.

Trans Fest’s diverse resources for all ages

Trans Fest is more than just a fair; it’s a wellspring of resources catering to all ages. From name change and legal assistance to hairdressers, nail salons, HIV testing, vaccinations, and mental health support, the event covers a spectrum of needs. Vendors, family-friendly drag performances, and guest speakers add vibrancy to the atmosphere.

It’s an inclusive, safe-space for all genders

Creating an inclusive space is paramount. Trans youth often face restrictions, making it challenging to access certain venues. Trans Fest addresses this by providing information about resources like OUTMemphis’ PRYSM group and a trans mentorship program. Fitting Place offers bra sizing, binders, and affirming spaces for all ages.

Event highlights: workshops, performances, and community building

Trans Fest’s schedule is brimming with family-friendly drag performances, engaging discussions, and door prize giveaways every hour. Attendees can enjoy free haircuts, gel nail polish sessions, and complimentary braiding services. The event aims not only to educate but to entertain, fostering a sense of community.

How Trans Fest is fostering community and affirmation

Trans Fest acknowledges the importance of gender-affirming care. From haircuts to nail sessions, and bra fittings to binder assistance, the event provides tangible avenues for gender affirmation. These elements are vital, especially for those exploring their gender identity.

Jenna Lee Dunn and team smile for the camera in front of trees
Jenna Lee Dunn and Midsouth Trans Nation team, courtesy of JennaOnFire Productions 

LGBT+ support networks come together at Trans Fest

As a resource fair, Trans Fest acts as a bridge, connecting attendees with crucial services and support networks. From legal assistance to mental health resources, the event covers a spectrum of needs. Partnerships with organizations like the Haven, Love Doesn’t Hurt, PEAS, and the indispensable support from Mid-South Pride, have been instrumental in making Trans Fest a comprehensive and inclusive resource fair.

Trans Fest 2023 is not just an event; it’s a testament to the resilience, celebration, and unity of the trans and gender non-conforming community in Memphis. Join us this weekend for a transformative experience!

See you at Trans Fest 2023 today, November 18th from 11am – 4pm at Black Lodge on Cleveland St.! Stay updated on local queer and trans events at

First Annual Trans Fest. November 18, 2023. Black Lodge Video, 405 S. Cleveland St. Memphis, TN 38104. 11am – 4 pm. All ages, genders welcome.