Emerald Theatre Company presents Drag Queens on Trial, by Sky Gilbert

June 9, 10, 16, & 17 at 8:00 PM and June 11 & 19 at 2:00

THEATREWORKS @ the Square 2085 Monroe Ave, Memphis, TN 38104

$20.00 General Admission.  Tickets sold at the door or purchase online at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/drag-queens-on-trial-tickets-606657166917


On the witness stand the Drag Queens reveal fantastic romantic lives; in their dressing room they are cruelly oppressed by straight culture. Which is real? Meet Marlene, Judy, & Lana… They lived by the skin of their spike heels…

The plot is simple and episodic. Each of the queens–Marlene Delorme, Judy Goose, and Lana Lust–enacts in turn a scene in which she stands trial for the “crime” of being a drag queen. The other two actors play the roles of the prosecuting attorney and the surprise witness. In between the court sessions we see the three in their dressing room, changing costumes and chatting among themselves until the stage manager’s voice summons them to the stage/courtroom.

Aside from breaking down the gender binary using drag, the play itself breaks down conventional theatrical structure by staging the main scenes of the queens on trial with wrap-around segments where we see the queens preparing for the play. In these moments we see them conversing to each other, talking about their sex lives, and throwing shade!

Directed by ETC Co-Artistic Director, Hal Harmon and Michael Holliday and featuring Smith McWaters as Judy Goose, Hal Harmon as Marlene Delorme and Den-Nickolas Schaeffer Smith as Lana Lust.

Patrons who also attend the show will also have an opportunity to see some of the history of drag in Memphis. Drag Queens, entertainers and LGBTQ allies have shared their photographs and stories from the 80’s through present day that will be on display in the TheatreWorks lobby.

Emerald Theatre Company produced this show in 2006. It was chosen to close their 26th season of residency at THEATREWORKS @ the Square as a LOUD and PROUD invitation to our wonderful patrons, the LGBTQ community and the close minded, mislead, and fearful in the state of Tennessee to come on OUT and have a laughed filled good time that also delivers a message of acceptance and humanity.