Focus Center Foundation Taps Local Artist, Moth, to Build LGBT-focused Programs

The Focus Center Foundation, a Memphis non-profit foundation that provides programming for Focus LGBT magazine and the Mid-South community has recently hired Moth Moth Moth as its new Program Director. Focus hosts the yearly Focus Awards which showcases excellence in the local LGBT community. (This year’s event is on August 26, 2022, hosted at the Memphis Brooks Museum – save the date!)

The foundation plans to build three additional programs that include more local outreach. These include expanding The Prism Pages, publishing a literary nod to local queer creative writers in each issue of Focus; a new local HIV art showcase program that uses creativity through the arts to raise awareness; and a new podcast to complement the work in each of these avenues.

Founder, Ray Rico, said “Bringing someone unique like Moth on as our Program Director is sure to bring a new creative element to the LGBT canvas that is the Mid-South. Their work writing, creating art, and performing as visual artists with drag is something that the community embraces. The experience in programming Moth brings to us is invaluable and we are so thrilled to bring Moth on board. Please join me in welcoming them to our team!”

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Get to know Moth Moth Moth

Moth Moth Moth (aka Mothie) is an artist, writer, performer, and programmer who has lived in Memphis TN for over ten years. Born and raised in Pickwick Dam TN, Mothie combines their southern charm with panache, curiosity, and ambition. In her career, Mothie has developed programs for youth, created some of the city’s most favorite drag shows, and has made a cultural impact on the region one hug at a time. 

Through shows, paintings, poems, and stories Moth’s job has been to make people think, make them laugh, or just inspire them to be love in the room for someone else. 

Trained on the streets, at the Memphis College of art, and mentored by a gaggle of the most beautiful drag artists you’ve ever seen —Mothie is not only a product of imagination and hope, but of this city’s love itself. 

Becoming the Programming Director of the Focus Foundation represents a blossom and a renewed direction for Mothie, but in many ways for the whole community. 

As always, Moth Moth Moth seeks to find places for people to feel safe, to express, and to move forward as a spiritually beautiful and literally beautiful culture. 

*She used to work for the government as a Tooth Fairy, but then got terminated for eating the teeth. 😉