Food Talk: Latino Memphis Staff Reviews Local Eats

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Crazy Noodle

“Authentic Korean dishes in Midtown? Don’t mind if I do! The Crazy Noodle is home to a number of delicious Korean dishes centered around, as its namesake suggests, noodles. Our food was brought faster than expected for dishes with complex flavor profiles by our extremely personable waiter. For the main course, I had the Vegetarian Curry Noodle seen in the photo. The noodles were cooked to perfection, and the vegetables had just enough crunch to add a delicious textural element that paired excellently with the softness of the noodles. The curry was spicy, but just enough that it didn’t overpower the dish. When you’re in the mood for noodles, Crazy Noodles need to be a top contender!”
Crazy Noodle: 2015 Madison, Memphis

Atomic Tiki

“When the new kid on the block is a tiki bar, I pictured purple flowers and sunset hues. Yet, as I stepped in I encountered a dark, laid-back vibe rather than in-your-face tropical, with some edgy beachy decor. Now.. the food. The Bao Buns were dry, but some BBQ Guava sauce helped. Nevertheless, the Mai Tai was great! The grouper sandwich was also delicious though messy and soggy. Definitely not first date food. I wouldn’t say this is a dinner restaurant, but if you want a chill vibe with a good fruity drink selection, this may be your place.”
Atomic Tiki: 1545 Overton Park, Memphis


Los Comales

“Because (my wife) Yancy and I are Mexican, people ask us all the time ‘where is an authentic place?’. Hands down, Los Comales will be the next place that I recommend. Yancy ordered a huarache, and I got sopes, both variations of a tortilla. Think of it as a thick tortilla topped with anything from poblano peppers, chicken or chorizo, plus lettuce, tomato. Both tortillas and huaraches are made out of corn masa and ‘baked’ on a grill, so they are gluten-free and not fried, a good choice if you want to go vegan. You eat them with a fork because they are loaded! The salsa is average, but they also bring a green jalapeno salsa and a red one that was amazing. The service was good, and the price was right (about $8 for each dish). Buen provecho! (Bon Appetit)”
Los Comales: 1322 Madison Avenue, Memphis



“Looking for a place in town to get pretty much any burger of your dreams? Well, look no further my friend! Hopdoddy is the newest burger joint to open in Memphis, and now I understand the hype. My boyfriend and I were welcomed with not one but two vegan burger options that did not disappoint. The environment was young and hip, but very welcoming of all. With so many burgers to choose from, huge bowls of french fries, and delicious shakes, Hopdoddy is definitely the new hot spot with options for everyone. Next time someone asks me where they can get a burger, I’ll know where to send them.”
Hopdoddy: 6 Cooper Street, Memphis