12 Local Ways You Can Show Support for Palestine

Because, yes, even local Memphis LGBTQ justice includes a Free Palestine.

As many of you may know, Memphis Brooks Museum of Art will cut its ties with LGBTQ-owned Loaf on Jan. 6, 2024 after the in-house caterer posted on Instagram that a portion of its December 1st dinner proceeds will be donated to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF). 

Shortly after this news, Black-owned coffee shop and social movement Cxffeeblack, along with several other local allies, also cut ties with Brooks in unity with Palestine and local businesses that support it. 

This is a brilliant example of what solidarity with Palestine and marginalized communities can look like. 

Supporting a ceasefire in Palestine, as well as speaking out against the decades-long apartheid against Palestinian people since 1948 has led to loss of livelihoods and tangible opportunities for dozens of journalists, public figures and artists all around the U.S. It even led to condemnation of the only Palestinian American congresswoman, Rashida Tlaib

As an LGBTQ-centered magazine in the southern United States, a region historically on the front lines of many civil rights movements, we cannot stay silent. Here are some ways you can join us in standing in solidarity for Palestinians here in Memphis and the Mid-South.

Show up and show out

Follow @Palestine_Memphis and Memphis Voices for Palestine for updates on local protests, rallies, useful info on Palestine, and pro-Palestine events around the Memphis area. This past Sunday, Palestine Memphis had a car rally for Palestine across the city, and shortly before it organized a neighborhood march and vigil. 

Showing up for these events not only shows power in numbers for the local Palestinian community here in Memphis but also contributes to the national ceasefire movement across the U.S. 

If you’re not able to show up, you can share these events on social media, discuss them with family and friends, or consider donating to Memphis for Palestine’s fundraiser against its recent Facebook censorship, as mentioned here. You can also call our local Congressman Steve Cohen in request for a ceasefire now. Call everyday if you’re able.

Support Local Palestinian-Owned Businesses

Did you know there are dozens of Palestinian-owned businesses right here in the Mid-South?

  • Enjoy some of the best macarons in town at Memphis bakery and tea room 17 Berkshire in Midtown.

And check out Memphis Voices for Palestine‘s awesome thread highlighting more local places we can all support.

Show Your Support Virtually

Tune into the Artist Teach-in for Palestine this Wednesday, December 13th at 5PM central. Creatives of all kinds can RSVP for this 90-minute training to deepen their understanding on how to support the ceasefire and Solidarity with the Free Palestine Movement. 

Follow Palestinian journalists. As of December 8th, at least 94 journalists based in Gaza have been killed. It’s important to be mindful of misinformation and find trusted sources directly connected to Palestine, so consider following journalists on the ground like Bisan Owda and Motaz Azaiza.

Download the Belzamesh app. It’s an app made to help you avoid certain brands that are part of the ongoing boycott movement (more on that movement here). Available on Google Play and Apple.

Donate an eSIM card. Unlike a phone SIM card, eSIMs can be bought and sent online. Supporters have begun donating eSIM cards to people in Palestine facing internet and Wi-Fi inaccessibility.

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