Out in the Woods: Friends of George’s Tales

Don’t stay in – Get OUT in the Woods tonight for entertainment & laughs

By Ray Rico. Photos by Mike Divoky and Ray Rico

I attended “Out in the Woods,” Friends of George’s fairytale play, a Dragnificent adventure, with my friend Mike this Friday night. The opening night took place on April 12, 2024, at Evergreen Theatre, to a full house, with the curtain opening at 8 PM. The play was originally written and created by Friends of George’s members, who also created all their other original pieces of work. Friends of George’s Theater is a 501(c)(3) group that creates original content theatrical performances and has been an advocate for the drag community, primarily in the last year, fighting drag bill bans in the state of Tennessee and creating blueprints for others in different states. The cast of Friends of George’s is made up of Allysun Wunderland, Goldie Dee Collins, BeBe, Bliss, Phyllis Feathers, Will Ryder, Bela D’Ball, Camille Collins, Brenda Newport, Jennifer Murry-Rodley, David Winter, Fantasia Bordeaux, Greg Hammond, and Christopher Cox. Irene Crist directed the play.

Photos by Mike Divoky

The play was written in two acts and comprises fairytales from our Mother Goose herself, Allysun Wunderland. As the play opens, we meet Goldilocks on her adventure with the three bears. Next, we take a journey with the country mouse and the city mouse, which is punny. Then, we hear the old tale of the prince and the pigeon. Music, dance, and lots of laughs accompany each scene. Next, we see our rendition of “I Fall to Pieces” with Humpty Dumpty. Next, we are greeted by the Queen of Hearts Court and are served a case with a side performance that will make you lose your head. And we end act one with Rapunzel’s misrepresentation, which is not what you think it would be. The performances were energizing and entertaining for the first act. Comedic gold.

Photos by Ray Rico

The play and the packed house break for a brief intermission for drinks, merch purchases, and light mingling and chatting with friends about the show’s hilarity so far.

After intermission, we all returned to our seats, kicking off Act Two with “Sleeping Beauty Awakens,” a new take on an old story. Next up, we take a stroll with Gretel and Hansel. That is Gretel and Hansel; Gretel first, not Hansel; women first, duh. Then we cut to the real friendships of the Fairyland reunion to talk to the crew and hear behind-the-scenes details of their lives, friendships, and Fairyland. Finally, the ugly duckling takes center stage and helps close out the show with a sincere monologue from Mother Goose herself and a message to “take care of each other” as we leave Fairyland and return to the world.

Photos by Ray Rico

If you haven’t got your tickets to go see “Out in the Woods,” I would spend the cash to go check it out. Not only are you supporting queer Theatre with Friends of George’s, but you’re also supporting a local community organization that Friends of George’s donates their proceeds to: Love Doesn’t Hurt. Friends of George’s chooses a nonprofit organization each year to support, and this year, the beneficiary is Love Doesn’t Hurt. So go see the play and support Love Doesn’t Hurt simultaneously.

Kudos to the entire cast, the backstage folks, and everyone involved in the production. It was not only entertaining but also energizing and engaging with the audience. If you’re looking for a fun time or good night out, I highly suggest “Out in the Woods” at Evergreen Theater on April 12th, 13th, and 14th, and April 19th, 18th, and 20th, only at Evergreen Theater—tickets on sale at FriendsofGeorges.org.

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