Pop Culture: Reading is Fundamental!

Curated by Ray Rico (he/him) and Chellie Bowman (she/her)

The Hill We Climb
by Amanda Gorman
A poem of acknowledgment of the past and hope for the future. As recited by Amanda Gorman at the Inauguration in January 2021.

Love and Other Poems
by Alex Dimitrov

The latest and third poetry collection by queer pop star poet Alex Dimitrov. A long love poem to New York City. I loved seeing references to gay bars I frequented when living there! A welcome engagement with the kind of bustling life we are longing for after a year in isolation. It’s the kind of poetry in which we can feel lost together, yet it’s unabashedly hopeful.

The Queer Advantage: Conversations with LGBTQ+ leaders on the power of identity
by Andrew Gelwicks

This book is a must-read for every LGBTQ+ person or our allies. Great interviews from people like Dan Levy and Margaret Cho and some others that are special treats! The book reads interview style and you feel like you’re really engaged with each person.

Black Boy Out of Time
by Hari Ziyad

An enlightening, restless, and beautifully told story about growing up Black and queer in America, reuniting with the past, and coming of age their own way as told by one of the most thought-provoking writers. A journey that explores childhood, gender, race, trust.