Pop Culture Staff Picks Sept + Oct

by Ray Rico, Chellie Bowman & Leila Hinkle


Rico’s pick: Eat, Gay, Love
This book’s author, Calum McSwiggan, is an Instagram influencer who loves to travel and it shows. In this memoir, the author explains what moved him to begin his journey taking us through experiences and emotions around the world. Each time different than before with a life lesson. Looking for a great read from a fresh LGBT+ voice? Then, check out this book.


Chellie’s pick: Folklore
Taylor Swift recently dropped her surprise album ‘folklore’ which she wrote and recorded while in COVID-19 isolation. The gay community has been in love ever since, especially WLW (women-loving-women) who have clung to its queer undertones, emotional lyrics, and cottagecore imagery.


Leila’s pick: The Umbrella Academy
Just like Season 1, The Umbrella Academy, Season 2, is an excellent binge watch. In S2, the comic book based Netflix series follows the Hargreeves siblings in their attempt to save the world…again. Separated and stuck in the 60’s, the siblings are forced into an unfamiliar, historical era. I love all of these characters, but Ellen Page steals the show with her amnesia innocence and her love story that defies the times.