Prism Pages: A Poem Called ‘My True Colors’ by Cassie Brooks

Featured children’s author Cassie Brooks shares poem, ‘My True Colors,’ for Prism Pages. This work was featured in our May/June PRIDE Issue.

In a world where shadows whisper, Lucy stood,
cloaked in courage, misunderstood.
Her sibling’s eyes unveiled a truth,
in Mom’s attire, a quest for youth.

A moment frozen, judgment in the air,
yet parents spoke, their love aware.
“It’s not a phase,” her mom declared,
“We’ll stand by Lucy, let her be prepared.”

Through laughter cruel and names unkind,
Lucy’s spirit, resilient, would find
a friend in Elijah, understanding and true,
a bond blossomed in a world askew.

Tears cascaded, a storm within,
but Elijah, with flowers, offered kin.
Yellow blooms, a smiling face.
An ally found in that challenging space.

Amid everyday chatter, a friendship grew,
Lucy and Elijah, hearts anew.
Superheroes and capes of pride,
a tale of courage, nowhere to hide.

On Friday’s stage, in colors bold,
Lucy stood, a story to be told.
“I’m me, I’m Lucy,” she proclaimed,
a hero born, prejudices tamed.

Applause echoed in the classroom’s embrace,
teacher’s words, a celebration of grace.
“Show your true colors,” the call resounds,
in unity, acceptance abounds.

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