Queerly Krafted: Introducing Beka “the Baddie” Loy

Being queer comes with a lot of stereotypes and being “good with our hands” is definitely one of them—but in this case it’s not totally untrue! In Memphis, there is a plethora of talent that comes from our community, and being a queer artist is part of the soul and beauty that comes with living here.

Sometimes you run into people randomly and become friends or you meet them through an established friendship–in our case, it was the latter but regardless I believe it was fate. Beka Elliot Loy is spunky, unique, and has some damn good one-liners, but, most importantly, they are a queer artist who resides in Memphis and we love to see it! Beka is a 40-year-old baddie who has graced many states with their presence. They were born in Long Beach, California, spent time in Nevada, Arizona, Mississippi, and then decided to move to Memphis in 2012. They clearly love us because they still use a Memphis zip code and can be found at most local art markets here. Speaking of art, theirs is very practical, and they enjoy working with furniture. They love sculpture that has movement, and machinery themed art. After receiving an associate degree in fine arts they decided to further their education by completing a certificate in welding, which led to their love for sculpture. Beka is one of a kind and every day they work hard to embody it. They work diligently to stay true to themselves throughout their Kraft, but remain inspired by their peers and other artists.

They started making art at the age of nine, believing that their childhood rebellion led them to their creativity. And they’ve been pushing artistic boundaries ever since. They are deeply inspired by nature and one can see this influence within all their specialties of jewelry, beading, silversmithing, rock tumbling, and lapidary. Beka takes time to continue researching and growing the practices they are already skilled in and for new kinds of work as well. Their eye for art also inspires their fashion sense and musical talent. They’ve been in bands since they were a kid, and even now you can still find them playing the keys, bass, and a variety of other instruments in their bands, The Study of What and Queenager. They may be shy, but their fearlessness is outspoken; they are putting themselves out there for the world–and for Memphis–to wrap its arms around them and accept them for who they are. Beka has a heart of gold and a love for silver, and if silver and gold wants to be spent to support them, items can been viewed and purchased on their social media accounts.

Instagram: @B.Loy_Fabrication | Facebook: B.Loy Fabrication