Teen Girls’ Therapeutic Art Group: Sharing Experiences Through Art

Ferren Family Counseling to Offer an Art Therapy Group for Teens Within the Heart of the Cooper Young District


Memphis, TN, – Designed for teens ages 14-17, our group will give Memphis teen girls the tools to develop healthy
relationships, self-confidence, and coping strategies for dealing with the challenges their world can bring.
According to suicide.org, adolescent suicides have risen significantly in recent years. A study led by San Diego State
University psychology professor and author of Generation Me: Why Today’s Young Americans Are More Confident,
Assertive, Entitled -and More Miserable Than Ever Before Jean Twenge, finds that many high school and college
teens and young adults are 5 times more likely to deal with anxiety and other mental health issues as youth during
the Great Depression. With such alarming statistics, we want to ensure that this generation has the tools to cope
with the challenges they will and are currently facing.

We want to promote that good mental health is for everyone. We see our clients’ potentials
to grow and heal and want to help them see that potential in themselves, as well; ultimately,
good mental health improves quality of life. -Jennifer Ferren, Owner/ Therapist

This program will begin April 26th and run every Thursday at 6pm until May 31st . Therapeutic art will be facilitated
by Amanda Dodson, LMSW. Amanda is a masters-level therapist who specializes in trauma and attachment.

Amanda has experience with children, teens, and adults. Her professional background is in school social work and
community mental health. She has spent several years working with at-risk youth, as well as families who have
experienced trauma and disruption. Amanda is passionate about incorporating holistic methods such as art, music,
movement, and mindfulness into healing.

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If you would like more information about this program, please contact Jennifer Ferren at 901-498- 9126 or email at
jferren@ferrenfamilycounseling.com, or visit the company’s website at www.ferrenfamilycounseling.com.