The Diva of the Cards: Hunny Blunt!

(above photo by Drew Parker)

Meet Hunny Blunt, a drag entertainer and true lady of wisdom! Hunny directs drag shows at Lamplighter Lounge every Monday night! She also frequents Atomic Rose, having won the All Star version of a popular competition there called War of the Roses, alongside her fellow winner the brilliant Zoey Adams — Hunny Blunt is set to have a very hot summer!

Before and after shows, though, Hunny can be found on the Atomic Rose patio reading fortunes for people via her trusted tarot cards. People most often come to her with troubles of the heart, or sensitive things they don’t feel comfortable sharing with most of the other people in their lives. To some, she is the fun queen with the best Liza impression in the South—for many others, Hunny is a trusted advisor.

But beyond city limits, Hunny Blunt projects out into the more grandiose and generalized audience of the internet through the portals of sites like Facebook and YouTube. Each week Hunny creates new looks and films herself doing readings for the whole world, which is making her accessible to many audiences including those abroad, those with disabilities, and those in the wider spiritual and tarot reading community.

Her experience with tarot and how she came into her abilities is the inspiration for this article. We are so thankful Hunny shared her story.

Hunny Blunt joined me over several sessions to hash out what she might be able to share with this issue of Focus mag. While we have known each other for a long time now, it was important to me to understand more of how the vegetarian sausage is made.

“Of course of course, I love to tell the stories!!!,” Hunny Blunt begins in her sumptuous diction: “I was ten years old —we went to the Dollar Tree and in the kids toy section there was a black and red tarot deck. The black and red were not very inviting—you know there are warmer tarot decks you can come across than this really very dark looking deck. I’ve seen some at Spirit Halloween that are light and fun compared to this one that is actually supposed to be a toy.”

So when you came across this deck, was this the first time you had ever seen anything like that or had you seen the one King of the Hill episode where Bobby plays around with cards and magic?

“I knew that was the set that fortune tellers used. I knew that was the T. We all love Lily Tomlin’s psychic skit. I remember Peewee Herman and the crystal ball and the medium. Through cartoons and media I kinda knew that fortune tellers used these. I was allowed to be artistic and different but I wasn’t encouraged to experiment with my religion. My parents informed me that what I was playing with was of the devil and it really made me nervous and trepidated. My parents did not make me throw them away but they sort of coerced me into throwing them away. But I did end up going back and
saving the top card which was The Lovers card.”

You’ll never forget about the image on that tarot card.

“I just grabbed a random card. I didn’t know anything about it being one of the BIG cards. One of the major arcane. It’s The Lovers. It’s a man and woman on each side with the garden of Eden between them, and sort of this angelic figure overhead but all in red and black so there really was a satanic vibe. Even the back of the cards were black and red pentagrams. I actually don’t have any decks now that would invite that kind of darkness.

The fact that I pulled The Lovers was significant because so often the lovers represents a choice. It was a choice to pick that card up.

Also included on many cards is the Archangel who throws the lovers out of the garden. The idea of having so much fun in the garden that you must be kicked out. You know The Devil card is the other side of The Lovers. On the Devil card you see the man and the woman chained up on each side of the devil. It represents the extreme materialistic side of the choices made within The Lovers card. Very twin flame cards.”

Hunny Blunt then opens the dialogue into some of the long division qualities of tarot and she expounds on the tool box of astrology and numerology. Displaying a dizzying wealth of knowledge.

“If I could consider what a five star Yelp review reading would be like, it would be the times when the person doesn’t yet understand that they are the solution and that everything else in their life is actually quite powerless to their will, you know! Some people underestimate their own power. I’ve read some people and they are in a dark place and they come back a year later in a much brighter happier place. People awaken to their own gifts to then do the work.

“I would love to become more involved with the spiritual community of Memphis as a whole. I’m looking to give purpose and help others. I feel that I can give to people while being giving to myself through reading.”

Looks like Miss Cleo has some true competition these days!!! You can follow Hunny Blunt on all platforms and find her regular digital readings on YouTube!!! If an in-person visit is in order then you can catch this gorgeous and talented being reading on the patio of Atomic Rose and in the booths at Lamplighter Lounge.