The Prism Pages: No. 3

One More Time


Now that I say I’m over you
But deep down I know I’m not

I go through my days wondering why I am the way I am

How did I fall so fast?
How did you move on like that?
Can I see your heart one more time?

Tyler McGee is a local Memphis performance artist dabbling in all forms of expression. He is inspired by his own life experiences as well as others he comes in contact with.

I’ll Fall if You Fall


Let’s fall in love as a joke,
as a game,
we’ll ignore those who feel compelled to pass shame,
and kiss with the passion of waves crashing
on a beach before a hurricane.
To those naysayers we’ll say,
“If only you could understand,”
gaze into each other’s eyes,
and take each other’s hand.
Cover me,
like a web of ivy grips an old building.
Trace your fingers down my spine,
like a single drip of wine
crawling down our stemless glasses.
Hold me tightly in your arms,
as if my body has lost all warmth.
Here, wrapped around one another,
we’ll fall in love–as a joke.

Riley Gordon (she/her) is a queer poet residing in Memphis, TN. Her poems explore the themes of love, navigating depression, and healing amidst struggles faced internally and externally. Her works can be found on Instagram @rileygpoetry.

Angel Girl


I love you,
selfish girl
with the crooked smile
Meet a sad girl
dreaming of life growing wild
Like the stars
upon the seas
I wish for you and me
and sunsets through pine trees
Dewy mornings
wet bare feet
Moonlit beaches
where we could meet
Skin glows pink
as dawn breaks
You are an angel
My heart is yours to take

Lacey Carr is a born and bred Southerner, a somewhat crazy cat lady, and a proud pansexual woman. Poetry is one of her great loves in life and she’s grateful to be able to share hers.



I know lesbianism is holy when my girlfriend climbs on
top of me and kisses me hard. I know lesbianism is holy
whenever she holds my hand or hugs me or kisses me on
the cheek or looks my way with her stunning big brown
eyes. I know it’s holy the way I want to spend my whole
entire life with her and then a whole lot more than that. I
know when I get to call her my wife that will be a holy day.
I know lesbianism is holy the way she makes me cackle
until my cheeks and belly ache and when I watch in joyous
awe as she laughs, high pitched and hysterical, while giddy
tears stream down her face.

Valerie Quin Shelton works in nonprofit development at OUTMemphis and loves to read, paint, write, and garden. She lives with her amazing girlfriend Sara and their cat Dexter in Midtown Memphis.