TransLove: New Support in Memphis for Trans Folk

by Amaranthus Hyden | Memphis TransLove Coordinator

What is Memphis TransLove?

Simply put, Memphis TransLove, or MTL, is a group of Trans people organizing events that provide space and resources for Trans people. We know that Memphis needs more spaces that are explicitly for Trans people. However, our events are not exclusively for Trans people we also welcome anyone that loves and supports Trans people too. MTL believes in getting Trans people resources, and that’s why the money raised at each event primarily goes to paying important Trans people in the community.

MTL currently accomplishes this by hosting dance and mingles at event spaces. At these events, we have amazing music and art from Trans artists. In fact, our dance floor is one of the best places to get down and even take pictures with our super fun bubble machine. However, we also have space for people to cool down or just talk and get to know each other. Finally, our events not only are a lot of fun, we have booths from community partners like The Haven. These partners do private HIV testing.

So what is coming up for MTL?

Currently, we are getting ready for our fourth and fifth events called “Transgiving” at the Lamplighter Lounge on Thanksgiving day and Transmas at Dru’s Bar on the December 10. These events will be hosted for Trans people to get some holiday love and cheer. Additionally, will have all of our normal dance and mingle options plus food provided and fun holiday games. Come springtime, MTL will be hosting a Trans resource fair. This event will provide a physical space for trans people to get everything they need to transition or exist. Not only do we hope this event will create a one-stop-shop for resources, it will also bring resource providers closer and create awareness to the Memphis community about the needs of Trans people.

Want to help support MTL?

We are currently looking for sponsors, partners, and volunteers. We especially need more organizations to get involved with our Trans Resource Fair! If you are interested in getting involved please email us at or through or Instagram @memphistranslove. However, there is much needed praise to be given to our biggest supporters The Lamplighter Lounge, The Haven, and Dru’s Place.