Astrology Readings: September/October

AUG 24 – SEP 23, 2023
Element: Earth
Quality: Mutable
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Traits: Reliable, intelligent, logical, modest, practical, and judgmental
New Moon in Virgo: September 15, 2023

SEP 24 – OCT 23, 2023
Element: Air
Quality: Cardinal
Ruling Planet: Venus
Traits: Charming, optimistic, social, balanced, diplomatic, and indecisive
New Moon in Libra: October 14, 2023

The Power of the Full Moon

The Full Moon is a powerful time of the month; the Sun and the Moon are in opposite signs. The light of the Full Moon opens the door of illumination and is a great opportunity to see clearly what is not working in your life and/or not serving your highest good. It is a great time to release unhealthy ways of being, thinking, communicating, and relationships. It is a great time of the month to declutter and make room for the new blessings and opportunities you want to welcome into your life. 

A simple full moon ritual: one day during the week of the Full Moon (3 days before – the day of – and three days after), find a place to be still and reflect. Using the energy of the sign of the Full Moon ask yourself what ways of being, doing, and communicating are no longer providing joy, love, and ease in your life. Write the answers down on a piece of paper. Say aloud, I joyfully release what you have written on the paper. Then tear up the paper into small pieces and throw it in the trash, flush it down the toilet, or burn it (only if it is safe to do so). 

August had two powerful Super Full Moons. Step into September under the influence of the Queen, the Empress, and the High Priestess of the horoscope, Virgo. Combine this energy with the residual power of the August Full Moons; under this powerful influence, spend a few days reflecting on what you need to release from your life. Then using the balancing energy of the Libra, look at yourself and find areas that need more equilibrium and harmony.

Astrology For All Signs

Aries (Fire-Cardinal)
Now that you have rested and recharged, moving in the energy of flow, do those things that bring you comfort and connect you to your community.

Taurus (Earth-Fixed)
Now that you have cleared the clutter out of life–be open, ready, and available to abundance and prosperity entering your life.

Gemini (Air-Mutable)
Continue implementing your ideas. Get strategic about it. If things go sideways, fine. Tap into your resilient energy and try again.

Cancer (Water-Cardinal)
Your soul searching continues. This is still a great time of renewal and a fresh start.  Look again at your plans with new eyes: reevaluate, correct, and move forward.

Leo (Fire-Fixed)
Having celebrated the good in your life, now is the time to set the vision for closing out 2023 with power and verve. Look above the mess; use your vision to inspire you to action.

Virgo (Earth-Mutable)
All right now Queen/King. Commit to how you want to move forward and with courage, take that next step. 

Libra (Air-Cardinal)
As you begin your solar return, think big, think differently, and then explore new ways of being and doing. Take this time for self-discovery.  

Scorpio (Water-Fixed)
What has you fired up? Now is the time, dear Scorpio, to turn on the charm and pursue your passions.

Sagittarius (Fire-Mutable)
Now that you have let it all go, move forward with optimism. Don’t just do the same old thing, honey, now is the time to innovate.

Capricorn (Earth-Cardinal)
As you are walking in your blessings, my friend, it is important to take time daily to express your gratitude for the good that you have and the good that is on its way to you. 

Aquarius (Air-Fixed)
Continue to be picky about who you allow into your space. Now prepare to step into the spaces where resources and support are awaiting you.

Pisces (Water-Mutable)
Choices are coming your way. Now is the time to tap into your ambition and flow in the direction that provides you with the most support and resources. Choose well!