A fresh look at the LGBT+ Culture and Communities in Memphis and the Mid-South.

Salamander Brandy


Random forces of chaos, God, or The Universe, whatever you want to call her, she is the greatest artist of all time. What exactly is

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Tricia Dewey

Art for Adults

Recently, Condé Nast named Memphis one of the “23 Best Places to Go in 2023,” highlighting its downtown revitalization, music, and culinary art scene. But

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Perry Stevens

Remembering Vincent Astor

Vincent Charles Astor b. December 6, 1953—d. January 17, 2023 Vincent Charles Astor, who for decades chronicled and archived the history and experience of LGBT+

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Ferren Family Counseling

Artful Healing

When most people think of therapy, they probably think of traditional psychotherapy, which typically consists of talk therapy. However, there are many different types of

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Tiffany Day

DIY Rubber Stamps

What You Need • 1 speedy-carve rubber stamp block ($3-$25, depending on size; $3 for a 2”x3” stamp)• 1 linoleum cutter tool with multiple cutters

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Focus Mid-South

The Prism Pages No. 6

Below is the 6th installment of The Prism Pages that was featured in the January + February “Craft” Issue. Original poetry by the talented Daff

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