Summer 2020 doesn’t have to be boring because of social distancing. You can liven it up with the Safe Summer Songs Acoustic Drive-in Concert Series. Cheley Tackett has teamed up with Nashville Craft Distillery and Peace, Love and Paws to bring you a fantastic lineup of local artists. Many of whom are members of the LGBT+ community.

The series began July 4th and will continue every Saturday until Aug. 22, which will be Tackett’s birthday bash. All concerts are being held at Nashville Craft Distillery and tickets are available on Eventbrite for only $10 or you can choose the $20 ticket. The extra $10 is an artist donation. You can also visit Nashville Craft Distillery’s Facebook Event page for a full listing.

The drive-in concerts help fill a void for the businesses involved, the concert-goers and especially the artists. That void is what drove Tackett to find a way to play again. She has a live stream on Facebook two times each week, but like many artists, Tackett was yearning to play live again in front of people. Inspired by some video of a drive-in concert in Europe, Tackett knew she could pull off an event like this, keeping everyone safe in the process. She held her first drive-in concert on June 5 that benefited the Lipstick Lounge. It was a success sparking Tackett and others to look at extending the drive-in concerts.

“I’m not comfortable playing indoors just yet and lots of folks aren’t comfortable going to indoor venues to hear live music for the moment. This series is a great alternative for now,” said Tackett. 

She continued, “Everyone stays socially distant in or at their vehicle. It’s a win-win-win. It helps musicians safely get out and play for live audiences again and helps put a little scratch in their pocket as most artists tour dates have been cancelled or postponed. It helps Nashville Craft Distillery make their way through unprecedented times. Most of their sales are generated from tourism as a member of the TN Whiskey Trail. Last, it gives people that are missing live music in their lives an opportunity to get out of their house.”

As for what to expect, shows will begin at 6:30pm and Nashville Craft Distillery will have bottled beverages and t-shirts for sale. The artists may have a merchandise table too. All pertinent information is available when you purchase your tickets.

Music is life for many of us, whether you’re a performer or not. Let’s support our local artists during this time and our small businesses too!