I’m Alive by Juno Nicholas: A Prism Pages Poem

Prism pages poem by Juno Nicholas. Graphic includes blue/red gradient background and poem text. Poem is also listed below for accessibility
Prism Pages No. 10 features Juno Nicholas’ poem, I’m Alive

‘I’m Alive’ by Juno Nicholas

A mother and father watch on 
As their precious daughter succumbs to illness 
The doctors all try to find the cause 
But they can’t figure out what’s wrong 
So the mother and father wish upon a star
“Do whatever you must to keep our daughter well”
Day by day nothing changes
The daughter only grows weaker 
The mother worries her prayers weren’t answered 
And the father weeps
Their daughter dies or so she says
The parents mourn for many years 
They dare not utter her name 
She disappears from all the pictures adorning the walls 
Nearly forgotten 
Until one day a man comes to their door
He looks familiar almost familial
He smiles wide and proclaims 
“Mother father-
I’m alive”

Juno Nicholas (he/him) is a trans senior in high school and an award-winning playwright and writer.