Phil Cobucci: Living His Life With Purpose

By Selena Haynes

If you know Phil Cobucci, the one thing that comes to mind is he’s a man of humility with a purpose. Just exactly what is that purpose…to make the world a better place for everyone. And that’s just in his spare time. 

Cobucci made his way to Nashville from New York after a series of layoffs with a major recording label for which he worked at the time. He had a choice of moving to Los Angeles or Nashville. “At first, I chose, Los Angeles, but in the end Nashville chose me. This city has been very good to me in the near eleven years that I have lived here. I have started a business that is now thriving, [and] I was able to purchase a home and have found love here. Nashville has given me more than I ever imagined,” said Cobucci.

When he’s not running his company, BAM! Social Business, Cobucci is involved with various community organizations. He is currently serving on the board for Nashville Emerging Leaders and on the Davidson County Foster Care Review Board. “It was programs like Nashville Emerging Leaders and Leadership Connect at the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce that helped me find my voice and further develop my passion and love for this community,” said Cobucci.

Perhaps he is known best for his involvement in the LGBT+ community through the Nashville Pride board. “I am celebrating my fifth year with Nashville Pride. Soon after my first few months of involvement, I was asked to become the marketing and communications chair in my first full year on the board. From there, I moved into the three-year term of President-Elect, President, and Past President,” said Cobucci.

Currently, Cobucci is heading up the Community Visioning Project (CVP) on behalf of Nashville Pride where he is the Community Affairs Director. “The LGBTQ+ Community Visioning Project is equal parts research and future planning and in order for our community to move forward together we need to learn what the needs are from each person, of every identity (race, gender, orientation, age, socio-economic background and disability),” said Cobucci.

“As we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall and what many people remember as the birth of our movement, we can’t help but look towards the future and ask ourselves what accomplishments and growth in our community will we be celebrating over the next 10 or 25 years.”

It was this question and others that prompted the Nashville Pride board to launch the CVP. This is not just a Nashville Pride board project though. This is for the community and now is the time for the community to be heard. 

“The Community Visioning Project is the only opportunity that we are aware of where individuals who identify as LGBTQ+ are able to be counted and have their voices heard. We need as much participation from the community as possible so that we can learn what is needed and how we can move forward together,” said Cobucci.

Through a series of different events, over the course of the summer, the LGBTQ+ CVP would like to hear from you. Your input in these conversations will help Nashville Pride and other LGBTQ+ organizations in Middle Tennessee learn what tools, programs, and facilities are needed to live a thriving, healthy life. Whether you want to join a large group conversation, participate in a small group conversation with your friends, or just fill out a digital survey, there is an opportunity to have your voice heard through this process. 

“The fabric of our community is beautifully diverse and there has never really been a survey or research program dedicated to the goal of hearing specifically from LGBTQ+ people who live in Middle Tennessee. Simply put, this is your chance to be heard and share what you want for the future of our community,” said Cobucci. 

A full list of scheduled conversations and a list of other opportunities to become involved can be found at