HRC Nashville Presents: “HRCLive!” on Oct. 5th

by Margo Hall

A golden equal sign amid a sea of royal blue is quite possibly one of the most recognizable logos in the LGBT+ community, and more importantly, it is the logo of the Human Rights Campaign. Since 1980, The HRC has fought for LGBT+ equality across the United States. In the current political atmosphere, the HRC has continued to fight as hard as ever, and with the midterm elections right around the corner, there isn’t time to waste.

This October, HRC Nashville is hosting “a night of music, love, and advocacy” called “HRCLive!” and will highlight 16 artists who are LGBT+ and allies. The genres will be as diverse as our community, so there will be something for everyone. Among the 16 artists to be featured, “HRCLive!” will be headlined by Ron Pope. The event will also include a local artist named Sean Shrum who will be painting live, and the “one-of-a-kind” painting will be raffled off. All proceeds will help the HRC continue its fight for equality.

I reached out to the HRC for comment and spoke with Meredith Bazzell Fortney who is the Governor for the Nashville Steering Committee. She had this to say:

“We are extremely excited to bring so many incredible LGBTQ and Ally voices into the spotlight with HRCLive! There is so much talent and love in our community and we want to share it with everyone. With the current administration targeting the LGBTQ community on a seemingly daily basis, it is paramount that we surround each other with as much love, compassion, and empathy as possible, and show those in power that we are proud of who we are and who we love- which is what HRC aims to do fearlessly.”

So, be fearless Nashville and show your pride on October 5th and come on down to 3rd & Lindsley for some amazing music and fun memories. Don’t worry about missing work, because the concert takes place on a Friday night at 7:30 pm. If you use the promo code: HRCLIVE5 you will get a $5 discount when ordering tickets. Whether you can make it or not, remember to vote this November.

The concert has local sponsors; Dollar General, Hotel Indigo, RNBW Nashville, and Song Suffragettes.

Link to tickets: