Prism Pages: A Poem on ‘Another World’ by Lena Chipman

Lena Chipman shares poem, ‘Another World,’ for Prism Pages

This cavern of spectacle

This sky of brilliant stars

I want to be with you

I want to live with you

Touch all of your sparkle, all of your glimmer

Bask in your glow

Skin upon skin, hot scent of sweat

Scream the words, whisper the moans

One people, the truth of pure love

Together we rise…

Our paths are winding

Our lives entwined

Across the largest seas, the longest journeys

We’re never apart

Let me in (your worlds, your lives)

See me (your eyes, your hearts)

I want to go back

I never want to leave

My chains are gold, the hooks cold iron

Pulling me back

Tearing me away from you

I wish it wasn’t so

But I will always be there for you

If you’ll let me in (your worlds, your lives)

If you’ll see me (your eyes, your hearts)

If you’ll remember me (your thoughts, your words)

Promise me you won’t forget?

And I’ll dance with you forever

I’ll tear myself free

Bloody wounds to soft scars

But then I’ll fly to you

And I’ll kiss you in crimson joy

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